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Three Bells Furniture, Free Lane, Ditchingham, Bungay, Suffolk, NR35 2JR.   England,   01986 894 336


(All items can be made to different sizes, use different woods, and prices will vary)

Painted Cabinet

W  840mm and 1680mm  

H  2320mm 

D  500mm



Painted Cabinet

W  1620mm

H  2270mm

D  350mm



Painted Bookcases

W  2200mm

H  2030mm

D  500mm


£2,200  (each)

Oak Bookcases

W  5100mm

H  3261mm

D  615mm


£9650  (each)

Fitted Oak Bookcases

L 3600mm

H   2600mm



Small Oak Bookcase

L  1120mm

H  1124mm

D   320mm