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The Story from the start

Three Bells Furniture was established in 1985 by Jonathan Cheyne to provide a niche service to the clients who were unable to find the design or quality of furniture they required through mainstream outlets.


Brian Midwinter joined the company in 1992

and served his full apprenticeship with Three Bells Furniture.  He worked for the business for 26 years and has now started his own furniture business in Pulham Market.


Three Bells in Ditchingham on the Norfolk-Suffolk border has a workshop and showroom on site.  This gives the opportunity for customers to see examples of the work already created, to discuss their personal requirements and to observe work in progress, appreciating the care and attention which goes into each piece.


Our Design Process


Clients can come to the showroom to discuss their designs, specific requirements and budget.

Alternatively, we are happy to discuss ideas and the design over the 'phone or via email.

An outline of the process is as follows:

*  Initially a rough sketch of the piece is made to 

   establish the outline requirements based upon

   the size, preferences and style.


*  The sketch is then used to create a scale drawing 

   for initial review by the client that can be modifed.


*  The exact finish and colouring can be finalised.


*  Once the plans have been confirmed the piece is           created.


*  All furniture created in the Three Bells Furniture           workshop is branded with the logo, assuring the           quality of the piece together with the care and               attention applied by the craftsman.


Three Bells Furniture Locations



Three Bells Furniture is a cabinet making service covering East Anglia.

 The workshop and showroom is based in Ditchingham on the Norfolk-

Suffolk border.

From the very start many items of furniture have been restored.  From re-glueing chairs, chests and tables  to repairing and refinishing all manner of furniture. 



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